best indoor tanning lotion

best indoor tanning lotion review

Product Name: Black & Tan 75x Indoor Tanning Bed Bronzer

Product Type: Lotion

Price: $16.75


One of the main reasons I am calling Black and Tan 75x Tanning Bed Bronzer the best indoor tanning lotion is because this is the first tanning lotion which gave me an exotic look that I always wanted. I love living in NYC, it is the best place in the world. But I live in a tiny apartment plus I work more than 80 hours a week. So how I can get a natural tan done? And I do need tan. I am way too pale; most of my friends ask me if I am sick. This is why I need tan.

Now I cannot afford to pay a lot of money for fancy tanning lotion products. I need cheap indoor tanning lotion, but it needs to be good tanning lotion. I do not want to look orange that is embarrassing. I will rather stay pale my whole life. I am a verified buyer Amazon for a while now. So I searched for the best rated indoor tanning lotion there and found Black & Tan. All the reviews I read about the product were very positive, and it costs only $16.75, so I decided to give it a try. I am highly dependable on Amazon reviews, I have a feeling that people who take time out to write reviews, they are either very satisfied with the product or they absolutely hated it. I simply choose the top rated products. Now it is time for me to do the review of Black and Tan in details.

My description: I am 32 and 5’8”. I am Caucasian and have normal skin. If a tan lotion can make my skin look bronzed then it will work for everyone else.



best indoor tanning lotion

Black and tan comes in a small bottle which is very travel friendly. It is a very well made and hygienic bottle, the cap is air tight. You just can throw the bottle to your purse and the lotion will not spill. I absolutely loved the fact that this tan lotion comes in a normal looking bottle and not in a soap dispenser type bottle that most tan lotions come in.


Black and Tan has a very light texture, actually since I have dry skin and I use a thick moisturizer, I found the texture of this tan lotion even lighter than my moisturizer. It is hard to believe but this tanning lotion blends in your skin in literally just a couple of minutes. It works for all types of skin, I can say this since all the members of my family is using this tanning lotion for a while, and we have very different skin types. This texture is another reason for calling the product best indoor tanning lotion.


Finally a brand is able to produce an indoor tan lotion which does not have disgusting strong smell. There is absolutely no strong smell in this tanning lotion. It is not smell free totally, but as soon the lotion blends in your skin, the smell disappears.

How to Apply

You can apply the tan any time you want. I sometime do it just before I have to go out for a party. But the best bronze color comes in when you apply the lotion after a body scrub. It probably opens up all the pores on the body and that is why it absorbs the color better. After you apply the product on all over your body, wait for a couple of minutes. If you do not need the tan in an emergency then apply the lotion before going to the bed and leave the product overnight. Next morning you will wake up with a perfect bronzed tan, even if you are extremely pale like me.

What Really Works?

This product is absolutely perfect for women who do not have much time for themselves but at the same time want to experiment with their look. This lotion can give you bronzed look in shortest of time and in a very cheap price. It works for me. It gave me great result, I get compliment from my friends all the time without giving it too much effort. I also like the fact that the product does not have a really bad smell. It is safe and so far never gave me any kind of bad rashes. This is a product which is made for everyone who loves to have a more exotic look. I mean this is such a cheap price that even students can afford it.

What Is Not So Good?

Black & Tan 75x Tanning Bed Bronzer worked for me very well, and I do not have any complaints about the product. Some people may have some problem with it. But I will say that everything worked for me, and I am a 100 percent satisfied customer.

Who Do I Recommend This best indoor tanning Lotion For?

My family and I are using it for some times now. We have both male and female members, and all are satisfied. So what I want to say is that I will recommend this product for all.

At last I want to say that if this tan lotion was not safe then I would not have called it the best indoor tanning lotion ever; after all I need to make sure that my skin remains unaffected.

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