best tanning bed lotion

best tanning bed lotion review

Product Name: Millenium Tanning Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

Product Type: Lotion

Price: $13.50

Main Ingredients: water, Sunflower seed oil, walnut

I think me and my husband needed to start using Millenium Tanning Solid Black Bronzer a long time ago. This is so far the best tanning bed lotion that we have ever used. We are a middle aged couple who love looking tanned and toned. But sadly the place we live is not Sun’s favorite hangout place. After 40, pale skin makes you look older than you actually are and that is why we use tanning beds. We are also always in search for cheap tanning bed lotion. We have also purchased some used tanning beds. I clean the beds regularly, so for me these are safe tanning beds than the beds in tanning booths. I just do not believe that they clean those things well. I love writing details reviews of products that we love, so here is my review about the amazing and safe Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer.


best tanning bed lotionMillenium Tanning New Black Bronzer bottle looks like any other body lotion bottle that I normally used. It is small and light weight, which makes it a great product for travelling. The cap is absolutely air tight. It rarely matters if the tan lotion bottle looks good or not, but I found the design of this bottle very attractive. The price of the tan lotion is very cheap but the bottle makes you think that the product is very expensive and I liked that.



This tan lotion has a perfectly balanced texture; it is neither too light nor too thick that you need a long time to blend the product with your skin. I have dry skin and my husband has oily skin and it blends in both of our skins very quickly.


My husband knows that I have huge complaints when it comes to tan lotion smell. We have been in many tanning booths in different countries while we were in vacation. Most of these tanning booths use tan lotion that gives you a headache because of the strong chemical filled smell. But this product has no such smells like that. It has a smell like everything else, but nothing strong enough to give a headache.

Now someone like me who is absolutely sensitive to strong smell found an almost smell free tan lotion. So why would not I call it the best tanning bed lotion ever. The product finally solved the one major problem that I had with tanning.

How To Apply

My husband always likes to apply things in his own way. If a teeth cleaning bottle says that he needs to keep the product on his teeth for 15 minutes, he will leave the product for 30 minutes. He also did the same thing with this tan lotion. He applies the product 2 hours before he goes to the tanning bed, I first started keeping the product on my skin only for 10 minutes. But what I saw is that my husband’s process not only gives him a more perfect bronzed look, but the darkness of the skin stays for two weeks. So I also now started doing it exactly in his way.

Do not take cold shower when you are thinking about getting into the tanning bed. A short shower using lukewarm water works best.

What Really Works?

This tan lotion works in every level. It is so far the only tanning bed lotion that is able to give me the result that I wanted. There were times when I used to use tan lotion and people would tell me that all of a sudden I turned into an Orange color person. There is a fine line between getting a tanned look or artificial looking orange skin. This lotion gives a tan look and it is really amazing. You will feel very comfortable with your skin. One of the other things I noticed is that the bronzed look that this tan lotion creates hides the stretch marks around my stomach and that is really amazing. My husband loves that this bronzed look gives him a more tanned look in this age. This tan lotion is so cheap that when I first ordered the product I had some negative vibes that it may give us some bad rashes. But so far after using it for a while we can say that nothing like that happened ever.

What Is Not So Good?

The bottle is small, and I will be happy if the product comes in a much bigger bottle that it lasts for the entire year.

Who Do I Recommend This best tanning bed lotion For?

Anyone, who wants a tan, can get this product. Tanning beds are really great when it is too cold and you need to relax the muscles. The heat makes the muscle active and seasonal pain just goes away. Now with this lotion not only our pain goes away, but we also look much younger after a session in tanning bed, thanks to the bronze skin that we get. We are absolutely in love with this experience.

We got the best tanning bed lotion that we wanted and so we are going to use only this product from now on.

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