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best tanning lotion review

Product Name: THERMALABS Natural Self Tanner

Product Type: Lotion

Price: $19.99

Main Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera, Lactic acid, Flower and leaf extract


THERMALABS Natural Self Tanner is without a doubt the best tanning lotion that I came across. I am not someone who just calls a product best after one day of use. I am extremely picky about the products that touch my skin. Since you cannot see me I think before I start reviewing this self-tanner let’s introduce myself a little bit. I am a 25-year-old woman from Utah. My skin is very pale. I am 5’6” and I am only 130 lb. But no matter what I do, I cannot get rid of my front pouch. I noticed that a little tan makes my pouch vanish and it actually gives me the confidence to wear a Crop top, bikini. Living in Utah is great but where is the Sun? So I am always purchasing the self-tan products. I hate tanning booths now as I have burnt my skin many times there. I will self-tan and will never go back to one of those places which use a strong smelling orange thing to give you tan. If they smell that bad, then how can they be good for the skin? Plus I do not like when my skin turns orange all of a sudden.

As I said I am picky and this is the reason I always read tons of tanning lotion reviews. I am on a mission to find out the best self-tanning lotion. I can safely say that my mission is now complete. THERMALABS Natural Self Tanner actually changed the way I look at tanning lotion. I did not know that I can also get chemical free tanning lotions. This is just amazing. I have a simple rule, and that is always use organic stuff if it’s available, since even if they are ineffective they will never harm your skin. Anyway THERMALABS Natural Self Tanner is simply the best self-tanner that I have ever used on my skin. I already read some great reviews about the product, but none of them mentioned what I really want to say. Everyone knows what self-tanner does, but THERMALABS Natural Tanner can actually help in a lot of other ways and that is what I want women like me to know. So here is a detailed review of the product.


thermalabs natural self tanner

THERMALABS Natural Self Tanner comes in a nice looking golden and white bottle. I liked this kind of bottle; it prevents the wastage of products.


The texture is similar to organic sunscreen creams that I came across. It’s not thick as there are no chemicals in this lotion.


I think THERMALABS Self Tanner smells like a fresh mixture of Aloe Vera. It is so sweet that you will love putting it on your body. One of the main reasons that I called this product best tanning lotion is because of its wonderful natural smell.


How To Apply

First take a bath. It is better if you scrub your entire body that day. Now take some drops of the product and apply all over your body. No need to wait, the product dries out immediately. If you are too pale like me then you may need to use a little more product. For safety, keep your eyes closed when you apply the product on you face. The best way to use it is to apply the product before going to the bed. I did that and I woke up with the best tan of my life.

What Really Works?

  • Organic self-tan dries really quickly.
  • The color it gives is similar to the skin color you get after a long out in the sun.
  • If you have little belly or love handle like me and you feel self-conscious while wearing a bikini then this is the product for you. The dark color skin hides the little pouch there and you get abs.
  • The tan it gives creates an amazing party look.
  • Skin does not smell bad after using the product.
  • You will not feel any irritation on skin after applying it.
  • The tan is extremely easy to get rid of.
  • It does not cause any kind of rashes.

What Is Not So Good?

THERMALABS Natural Tanner is made of natural products, so you may need to use the product in a large quantity to get the best color. The product also has a limited shelf life.

Does It Work For Both Sexes?

My boyfriend who is also pale like me is using the product and he loves the way his abs look on the beach.

Who Do I Recommend This best Tanning Lotion For?

All women love to look tanned and toned, but tanning booths are not so safe, they will not use products that are safe for skin. At the same time, UV rays can give you skin cancer, so organic self-tanners are the only way to go. THERMALABS Natural Self Tanner is amazing and I am glad that I came to know about this product. It is in the market for sometimes now. But I heard them only sometimes ago.

I will stick to THERMALABS Natural Self Tanner as it is the best tanning lotion that I have ever used.

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